Family Engagment App

I crafted the design for a native iOS and Android app targeted at senior living communities — its aim being to increase family engagement through the daily activities of senior members through timely updates. The challenge was to come up with a native experience for iOS as well as Android keeping in mind the best practices in terms of user experience, navigational structure as well as visuals.

I collaborated with my product managers to conduct extensive user research and created a series of wireframes for quick validation of ideas. The app was to be used primarily be a demographic of users aged 40 and above, and hence various design considerations in terms of font colors and sizes had to be taken into account. I started off with creating some user personas (primary and secondary users) who would be using the app, based on which I participated in generating some user stories to help understand the overall scope and requirements of the app.

Various iterations and tweaks were made based on the initial feedback and testing the prototypes with senior residents and staff members. I was also responsible for creating the visual design of the app; created using Sketch and tested through the InVision app. Finally, I worked closely with the development team to hand-off assets and communicate the flow of the app. Overall, I created around 25 screens (for each app) and dozens of interactions within! A recent app user survey showed positive results indicating a 70% increase in overall family engagement.