Family Engagment App

I was commissioned by a Chicago based startup in the health & care industry to design a native app experience for one of their apps, aimed at increasing family involvement with the daily activities of senior members residing at various senior living communities through timely updates. The challenge was to come up with a native experience for iOS as well as Android keeping in mind the best practices in terms of user experience, navigational structure as well as visuals.

The app was to be used primarily be a demographic of users aged 40 and above, and hence various design considerations in terms of font colors and sizes had to be taken into account. I started off with creating some user personas (primary and secondary users) who would be using the app, based on which I participated in generating some user stories to help understand the overall scope and requirements of the app.

Once the user stories and various case scenarios were finalized, I started off with some preliminary sketches and prototypes, with a paper and pencil being one of my favorite tools for generating some low-fidelity prototypes. Various iterations and tweaks were made based on the initial feedback after testing the prototypes with a focus group. The final mock-ups were created using Sketch and tested through InvisionApp. Sketch actually proved to be quite helpful in generating assets for various resolutions; x, 2x & 3x for iOS and hdpi, mdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi and xxxhdpi for Android. I also made use of some of the great plugins Sketch had to offer in terms of collaboration with the developers, Measure being one of them. I also created some animations to explain some of the various interactions I envisioned in terms of overall UX of components within the app; calendar (listing down the daily activities and events for senior communities) being one of them. Overall, I created around 25 screens (for each app) and dozens of interactions within!