Impact Atlas Portal

Impact Atlas is a complete monitoring and evaluation, project management and reporting platform for graduation programs aimed at the ultra poor—it enables the entire global community of implementers, donors, and researchers to transform data into information and use that information to fuel decision-making.

I was responsible for designing the end-to-end UI/UX for the web and Android apps used for data gathering and monitoring the performance of participants within the portal. I worked closely with the stakeholders in Bangladesh to gather project requirements, garner feedback and conduct user testing on wireframes, functional prototypes, and visual designs, both for web and mobile. I also worked with a diverse, global team of developers to ensure delivery of the final product. I used modern design principles of progressive disclosure, and designed data visualizations to comprehensively present information without making it too intimidating.

I further worked closely with the engineers to hand-off final assets and further iterated upon my designs through user testing with stakeholders. Impact Atlas was successfully launched in April last year, initially in Bangladesh, potentially impacting millions around the globe.