Information Technology University


Led the experience design, content strategy, visual design and development for a mobile responsive website for Information Technology University, highlighting the university’s facilities, program offerings, research centers and happenings. In a team of content writers and talented web developers, I wanted to ensure that the website catered well to the needs to prospective students. I was also responsible for setting up the entire online brand presence for the nascent university.

Experience Planning & Content Strategy
In planning for the overall experience, I conducted some preliminary research and User Interviews with primary user groups including prospective students, parents and potential faculty members – analyzed their needs and pain points. Through further research and close collaboration with the client stakeholders, I came up with a couple of considerations in terms of content hierarchy, increased find-ability of content-based components of the website. A mobile-friendly cohesive experience was designed to ensure easy access to academic programs, important announcements, upcoming events, university facilities as well as the overall admission application process.

Six months down the launch, we noticed a 500% increase in the total number of applicants for various programs at the university, with more than 3,000 new prospective applicants and increased engagement through social media pages including Facebook and Twitter. The project was recognized by the Government of Punjab and is well regarded as the most sought after research based institutions in Pakistan, attracting faculty members from prestigious institutions including MIT, Cambridge, CMU, Georgetown & John Hopkins.